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Sidewalk Operating Procedures

  1. Prospective clients shall be required to show government issued photo identification prior to receiving any brokerage services. This can include but is not limited to a driver’s license, a state or city identification card, or passport. All identification must be valid and current. Identification will only be required for retaining the Brokerage; however, it will not be mandatory the purposes of consultation whether in-person or remotely.

  2. All individuals retaining the Brokerage, whether Buyer or Seller, shall be asked to sign an exclusive broker agreement. That said this will NOT be a mandatory requirement for utilizing the services of the Brokerage. However, under certain circumstances, which could result in significant loss, the Brokerage reserves the right to refuse services for failure to sign an exclusive broker agreement.

  3. The Brokerage shall not require pre-approval for a mortgage loan in order to retain its services. However, all clients will be advised to obtain such a document in order to aid and expedite the process of finding and purchasing a property. The timing and necessity of this advice shall be based on the professional experience of the Brokerage and its agents. 

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